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  • We are continuing to update LPILE and GROUP with enhancements as well as fixes to minor reported typos. Visit our page of Software Downloads to get the latest maintenance releases of both products (LPILE v2012.6.34 and GROUP v8.0.15).
  • LRFD principles for axial response of deep foundations have been incorporated in the new release of SHAFT v2012. In addition, the program satisfies the latest analytical reccommendations for drilled shafts under axial loadings from the 2010 FHWA manual. Users of the new SHAFT are able to specify separate reduction factors for side resistance and end bearing on each soil layer.
  • The latest releases of LPILE (v2012.6.34) and SHAFT (v2012.7.06) are now compatible to all versions of Windows 8.
Registration slots are open for the Winter 2013 Short Course at the ENSOFT Office Building in Austin, Texas. Preliminary program as is follows:
  • March 5 (Tuesday): In-depth training of LPILE and concepts of single piles under lateral loads.
  • March 6 & 7: Axial response of piles and drilled shafts, response of group of piles under combined loadings, and flexible retaining walls.
  • Check our Seminars page for more information.
  • Use this opportunity for in-depth training of the new LPILE 2012, GROUP 2013, PYWALL 2013 and SHAFT 2012.
A second edition of the popular book "Single Piles and Pile Groups Under Lateral Loading" (PDF file, 693KB) has been recently printed by CRC Press / A.A. Balkema. Many topics were expanded and some typos corrected. In addition, homework problems are introduced at the end of each chapter.
Ensoft has secured a limited number of books that are currently available for sale at reduced pricing to our users (see Price List). This is a great opportunity to combine your next shipment of software products with a very useful background technical reference.

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