Ensoft, Inc. is proud to offer periodic seminars and workshops on the theory, general design and construction methods of deep foundations. The lectures are interacted with detailed descriptions and practical applications on the use of several software products offered by Ensoft.

In-house seminars at Ensoft's facilities in Austin, Texas, have been offered with great success since 2003. These seminars are provided to groups with a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 20. Select dates for upcoming as well as recently-finished seminars are listed below. The final program of upcoming seminars may change slightly based on requests from registered participants.
References to recent past seminars:
In many occasions Ensoft has offered off-site presentations of its short course. This is normally considered in cases when a company has six or more employees interested in training or when the dates are not adequate. Please contact Ensoft for more details.


If interested you can fill out a form online and submit electronically to Ensoft. Each submitted candidate will later be contacted by Ensoft via telephone call to obtain payment information and finalize the registration.
Click here to fill out form and send to Ensoft.

  Early Rates (by Mar. 16):
  1.0 One-Day Session $570oo
  2.0 Two-Day Sessions $820oo
  3.0 All Three-Day Sessions $1,060oo
  Standard Rates (after Mar. 16):
  1.1 One-Day Session $690oo
  2.1 Two-Day Sessions $1,000oo
  3.1 All Three-Day Sessions $1,290oo
(Prices below are per person, only applicable for registration of two or more individuals from the same company or organization)
  Early Rates (by Mar. 16):
  1.2 One-Day Session $530oo
  2.2 Two-Day Sessions $760oo
  3.2 All Three-Day Sessions $990oo
  Standard Rates (after Mar. 16):
  1.3 One-Day Session $640oo
  2.3 Two-Day Sessions $930oo
  3.3 All Three-Day Sessions $1,200oo
Costs above include the following:
a. A bound manual of literature of covered topics is provided for Session 1 and a separate manual is provided for Session 2. Additional manuals may be purchased at $80 per unit, but additional manuals must be ordered in advance.
b. Lunch is included, along with coffee breaks and refreshments.
c. Broadband Internet connection (WiFi) is available inside the ENSOFT, INC. office building.
d. Discounts of 20% from the total order on Ensoft, Inc. software products or upgrades is provided to course attendees or their organizations for purchases made within 30 days from the short course.

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